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We understand the pressures that education systems are facing to meet their responsibilities to learners with SEND and their families, and to deliver first class SEND provision with limited resources and budget.

We’ve partnered with over 10,000 schools to improve the skills and confidence of their staff in supporting learners with special educational needs and disabilities, and we provide SEND training platforms to education systems in the UK and education departments in Australia. New training is developed in response to the needs of our community of partners.

Strengthening capacity to deliver an inclusive education

Our evidence-based, blended courses will support staff in your education system to:

  • build capacity in schools to make reasonable adjustments to support students with SEND, and deliver an inclusive education
  • raise the capability of teaching teams to set high aspirations for students with SEND and help them achieve equivalent targets and support their wellbeing
  • improve collaborative working and support whole-school change – through communities of practice where staff can learn together and share experiences
  • raise the awareness of education system staff to the needs of students with SEND, and train staff new to their role

In addition, our webinars support the ongoing CPD needs of specialist/advisory teachers, therapists and educational psychologists.

Impact on confidence in overall abilities to meet the needs of students with SEND

  • Very confident
  • Fairly confident
  • Somewhat confident
  • Not confident
Chart for pre-training
Chart for post-training

Source: LMS 2021


Courses are delivered online in communities of practice, with past participants cascading the courses to others. A learning management system provides all the information necessary to track activity and evaluate impact.


Licences are available for schools and education systems, providing access to all our courses and the learning management system. Licences are competitively priced and based on the size of the school or education system. The more staff you train, the more cost-effective it is.

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I think the investment in OLT’s courses is worthwhile. It has helped staff in both schools to develop stronger links for transitions support, share good practice, learn skills from each other and provided access to new materials to identify needs, make assessments and plan appropriate interventions. It has given all staff the opportunity to reflect on their own practice, and I’ve enjoyed watching them learn.

Specialist Teacher (2021)

I can now see how I can use the course materials with staff in the Service, develop their understanding of the impact of a visual impairment, and share their knowledge with staff in schools. I believe this will help them, as they work with children and young people (CYP) with SEND, to support CYP more effectively and set goals that look at the child's academic, social, and independence skills. We are always striving to help a child become an independent young person and I believe OLT’s course will help staff focus on the skills needed to enable this to happen.

Head of Service (2021)

And there's more!

When your team learns with OLT they also gain access to a suite of supplementary learning resources and webinars that will ensure they have the right skills, at the right time, to deliver an inclusive education.

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