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The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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I enjoyed the course; I did have some understanding about Hearing Impairment before I started the course. I will now use my new knowledge and pass this on to my colleagues, so we can all help our pupil to become more independent in her school and personal life.
Really good to hear the voice of deaf learners in the HE / FE
I enjoyed the course and added to my knowledge of hearing impairment that I already had. What I have learnt I will try and pass onto classes that have Hearing Impaired pupils. I will also let other staff know that I have done this course and if I can help them in any way I will.
As SENCO I have a clearer understanding of the process I would like us to use to identify, assess and support learners at risk of Dyslexia. As several other members of staff from our school are also doing the training there will be benefits that we've had the same input and same points of reference. It will take a while before I can comment on how the training has impacted outcomes.

Senior Leader


I now can understand more about how children with a hearing impairment are affected especially within a classroom. I now feel that I can use my skills from this course to benefit them, for example I know where they should be sat and I know the interventions that I can put in place to help them.

Teaching Assistant

Deafness (Hearing Impairment)

Due to the current Corvid 19 situation, I have not been able to put some of the additional knowledge I have gained into practice. I hope following this situation I will have the extra knowledge and confidence in supporting schools with pupils that have motor co- ordination difficulties.
This training would be good as an introduction to new staff with little understanding of hearing impairments.
I feel that this training has expanded my knowledge of hearing impairment and a hearing unit within a school setting. Also, things like what to do when working in a mainstream class with a deaf student, things like how you position both yourself and the young person. Even so much as how to stand at the board. It has been very insightful and I'm sure I will use things I have learnt during my work.

Teaching Assistant

Deafness (Hearing Impairment)

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